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Friday, 22 May 2015

ChuLip GiveAway contest !

Giveaway time!!! 
Dear all I'll be giving away 4 chulip lip balms to a lucky followers/readers ! 

How to join : 
Step 1 : 
Follow & Comment under my instagram account : ValerieYan7 
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& comment under this picture . 

Step 2 
tag 3 of your friends and tell me why you wanna share this lip balm with them .

and we're done! 
 the most creative comment will be receive this cutest lip balm from me
 result will be announce on May 31May2015 �� good luck and have fun girls!


Monday, 11 May 2015


 Hi everyone! 

Today just a quick & short blogpost :D 

have you heard of BloomThis? 

What is BloomThis?

''BloomThis is about creating moments of happiness. A gorgeously arranged bunch on a table immediately brightens the entire place; the smell of a blossoming flower brightens of our day; a handcrafted bouquet lifts our spirits.
At BloomThis, we take pride in going at great lengths to find the most luxurious flowers and bring them right to you. BloomThis offers one-off deliveries or you can subscribe to regular deliveries of fresh flowers sent either weekly or fortnightly a month. Our bespoke flower boxes are uniquely designed to fit in specially handpicked flowers that are sure to delight you. There are no secrets but tones of surprises, as you’ll never know what flowers you will get each week until you unbox them. Some may interest you, some won’t, but once in a while you will stumble upon flowers that will leave you in awe!
That’s what we are about; BloomThis regularly sends you (or the lucky person you're sending to) beautiful flowers fresh from the farm. Because life is beautiful and is always filled with surprises, we want to bring you moments of beautiful surprises every time!''

How it works? 

1) Order Flowers 
Send a one-of BloomThis bouquet or subscribe to regular deliveries to yourself or your loved ones.

luxury fresh flowers will be sent in a bespoke box every Thursday. It's a different surprise every week for anyone that receives them!

Display your BloomThis bouquet in your favorite vase. Enjoy fresh flowers within minutes.

They have total 3 different types of bouquet you can order . 

I've won this bouquet from Tenshi :D

Thanks for choosing me ! 

So I've ordered my flowers on Saturday and normally they only send out on Thursday but due to Sunday is mothers day so they have special delivery . 

I received my bouquet on Sunday morning around 11am. 
The box was very very huge ! 

I place my Iphone5S for you to compare the size of the box .

when I open the box it was wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and a card with my name on it . 
I think every women receive gift with their name on it will felt happy and special :D

each roses contained a cute little water container to let the flower last longer .

Total 9 beautiful champagne colour roses  

Just place it in a nice vase or wrap it with pretty wrapping paper with a ribbon it can last 2 to 3 days :) 
Every women loves roses ! 

Thanks BloomThis ! 


Saturday, 9 May 2015

Number76 Premium UltraSonic Treatment and sparkling hair scalp wash REVIEW

Hi everyone! 

How's your day!  
I'm so happy today because I've received an invitation from my favourite saloon. 


A-G-1, North Point No.1, Medan Syed Putra Utara, Mid Valley City, 
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2287 0661

Number76 saloon is well known in KL area, 
most of their customers is celebrities and famous bloggers . 
Because they provided the best services and awesome skills just like Japan saloon 
yet the price is affordable too . 
What amazed me a lot is their styling skills and colour skills. 
you can logon to Number76 instagram or Facebook page, 
all you can see is beautiful rainbow colours hair and beautiful styling ! 

I really really wish I can try crazy beautiful colour someday :D 
that's always one of my dream. 

after renovated the saloon looks much bigger, simpler, clearer and the best thing is natural light from the big wide clear window. Because most of the saloon using indoor yellowish light, some customers couldn't really see the actual colour of their hair . 

big and simple interior design ! 

a cup of tea, a biscuit & thanks for the Deesse's hair treatment too . 
Such caring saloon <3 

The first treatment I'm going to do is Sparkling Scalp ~! 
they use CO2 water that contain soda gas to spray on scalp & hair. 
the whole process was fast and relax, just like a massage on my scalp. 

after rinse my hair , 
This is what's inside my scalp & hair, full of oil & dust . Yuck!  

This is ultrasonic iron 
*power on* 

when they turn on the ultrasonic iron the colour of the light changed to blue. 
I can actually see the water drops is dancing within the iron! 

There is no heat involved in this signature treatment by Number76 Hair Salon. SinYee asked me to put my fingers on the iron and yes it is cold. I can also see how the water drops vibrate as the straightener vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment. For the UltraSonic Premium Iron Hair Treament, this process is repeated twice compared to the normal UltraSonic Hair Treatment.

The Ultraonic Iron an enhanced effect on all chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment that are applied to your hair. 
It also vibrates the cells of my hair and helps to penetrate the treatment cream deep into my hair. I can hear and feel the mild vibrating sound during the ironing process and I do not feel any discomfort at all.

My before & after. 
can you see the HUGEEEEEEE difference ? 
Taken on the same day, couldn't believe the result is so obvious! 
Because I've been to many different saloon for treatment,
 but none of them gave me such amazing result. 

after Director Steve style my hair , so gorgeous isn't it! 
Every time he gave my so many surprised !   

with friendly Sinyee, she's sooooo friendly and talkative! 
we both chat like no body business lol ! 
the whole saloon is full of our voice XD
I like her hair very much too! waiting my hair become longer so that I can do that big curls too ~ 

Can you see how shining is my hair now? it's super soft , bouncy and smooth! 
SinYee recommended us who with damaged hair should do this treatment once a month to 
get an healthy hair . Whole progress is only 60minutes including hair mask, sparkling hair wash, ultra sonic and hairdo. It wouldn't take too long :) 

here's a price list of Number76 service 
Premium Ultrasonic RM370 
Sparkling Scalp Wash add-on RM32 

they have different branches around Kuala Lumpur area 
for more info's please click

Hope you like my review! 


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Handmade Market in between Siam Discovery and Siam Centre

Hi everyone! 

After my previous Bangkok Asiatique shop list , 
I received a lot feedbacks and a lot of readers shared my post to their friends.
 Thank your time and your love :) 

for who haven't read about my previous Bangkok 
Riverfront Asiatique market blogpost 
please click here :



last but not least, I still have a lot Bangkok shopping post is pending! 
Today Im gonna bring you to this Handmade market
 in between Siam Discovery mall and Siam centre .  

As for the actual name of this market, I'm sorry,
 I don't know and I couldn't find any informations about it in internet :( 
All I know it is between Siam Discovery mall and Siam centre . 
available in weekend night time . 
very easy to find because there was a station nearby .

This market compared to other's market is considered small BUT for handmade lovers definitely can't miss out this one. I dint plan to go for this market , I'm actually going to Siam Paragon to get my YSL  cosmetics but accidentally found this small handmade market. I was so excited !
well because I'm a handmade lover! 

the market is actually look like this, not big, but every booth is full of surprise . 

The first booth I stopped by was this one, handmade leather bracelet and necklace ! 

Price range RM5- RM50 ++ 

one of my favourite ! the leather is so soft ! 
Just wear a simple Tee shirt, short pants & this bracelet and we're good to go! 
simple yet stylo <3 
but I dint buy this one cause there were more attractive things waiting for me ahead ! 

it's only RM5 with customise my own name on it ! 
The quality was good , cheap & nice ~ 

I've noticed Bangkok have more & more leather handmade accessories . 
customise keychain is the perfect gift for your friends , everyone need it ! 
and only cost RM5++ for each! 
You can throw away all the old school Bangkok gift bring back to your country :P

soooo many pretty handphone casing !!!! 

pastel colours and cute designs  *_*

customise your own handphone casing is only cost around RM37 ++ .
You can get it immediately on the spot *_* 

favourite design was this one, so cute & simple! 

they have a huge catalog for us to choose ,
Step 1 , choose the colour of your customise words. 

Step 2, choose the design of your customise words . 

Step 3 : Choose your background . 
as simple as that! 
I am super super super regret that I dint do one for my own , because by that time I was using Samsung Note2 and they don't have that model . and now I've changed to iPhone 5s :( 

this is for 
handbook and notebook organiser lover! 
They have pencil case , card holder, notebook, wallet, handphone pouch etc  

Best of all , you may ask them put your name on it FOC ! 

handmade big Lace shoulder bag it's only RM40++ 
available in black , white & beige :D 

and this shop selling all handmade shoes! 
only RM20 ++ each! 

leather flat shoes 

look at all the pretty fabric they choosed for their shoes! 
How I wish I can bring them all home! 

in the end I bought this plain light brown 
medium dark brown polka dots Flat shoes 

I've been wearing this shoes to office for 1 to 2 months, the conditions is still awesome. 
just the fabric is kinda easy dirty. But RM20 each , I couldn't ask for more :P 

That's all for today! Hope you like my post! 
please share it to your friends :D 

Thank you !