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Monday, 25 August 2014

The power of SKII products

Hi girls! 

How are you!!!!

I'm back and I'm full of positive power again!! 
My skin conditions is shit on last month, redness everywhere, skin tone SUPER uneven , 
BIG pimples , small pimples, whitehead, blackhead EVERYWHERE 
OMFG -_- 
this is serious shit.


*this picture is actually took after few days of SKII, before that is WORST *

everyone saw my face and asked me what happened T_T  
maybe sleep late ? Maybe stress ? drink not enough water? etc etc...

Before I went to SKII counter , I've did a facial at Mayfair , 
(Mayfair review please click here)

she helped me squeeze out all the black heads and she said we have to clean them up, if not forever block there, no matter what skin care , how good is the skin care it also won't absorb into our face. 
my face is clean now, so I guess I can use better skin care now right =x 
just nice my toner and essence finished for almost 2 weeks >_<
yea...without toner/essence for 2 weeks, I know how terrible I am 

so after the Mayfair facial I straight went to Pavilion Parkson SKII counter

This is what SKII beauty consultant get it for me, 
she said my skin is super dehydrate, that's why my pores, my pimples, my redness all came out 
due to Dehydrate, my skin will automatically create oil outside to protect my skin from dehydrate.
I am not oily skin, I am dehydrate ._. 

I got this set too ,
their star product 
SKII Facial treatment essence 

and also SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 
basically it is a Toner. lol 
this set came with a SKII Mask too (SUPER AWESOME MASK) 
i used it, so...the mask is not in this picture, 
That mask is really really super awesome!!!! 
but price wise is super high...
is like RM45 per sheet   ._. 
maybe 1 week 1 sheet or 2 weeks 1 sheet la, 
if every 2 or 3 days also use this mask you gonna broke. 

I'll do a individual review for the mask very soon. 
because the effect is TOO AWESOME

This effective toning lotion with a mix of AHA and Pitera™ exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities. Its clarifying formula prepares the face for the rest of your skincare regimen.

Light and watery, this toning lotion penetrates into the skin surface.

SK-II’s signature product, the much-loved and most awarded bestseller, Facial Treatment Essence has over 90% Pitera™, the miracle ingredient discovered over 30 years ago that remains essentially unchanged till today.
Its irreplaceable formula gently exfoliates the face and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle.
In just 14 days, your skin’s 5 dimensions are visibly transformed: spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated. Skin becomes breathtakingly crystal clear.

This lightweight miracle water is quickly absorbed into the skin.

puffy sleepy eyes ._. took this in the early of the morning.
so basically I'll just put SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion on the cotton 
and wipe gently on my face. 

second step, I'll use SKII Facial treatment essence , also put a little amount on the cotton 
and wipe / dap gently on my face again. 

and you'll see some of the dead skin or dirty dust (or whatever) 
stick on your cotton. 

A nutrient-rich serum with a mix of concentrated Pitera™ and Hyaluronic acid, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and roughness to refine skin texture and elasticity. Skin is deeply moisturized for 24 hours, and you experience the same luxurious feeling as if wearing a treatment mask all day.

A small amount of this gel-type serum spreads evenly onto the face.

very very gently, very watery & not oily at all . absorb very quick into our skin . 

ok, the price are scary here. 50ML for RM745.00   0.0 
I just get a small one instead ._. 
this one 
is...if you wanna add radiant into your skin, you can get .
If you just want to make your skin texture improved , you can just hold this. 
wait your skin turn into not-bad , you can get this too add radiant .

ok, this is kinda rich, a bit oily for me. I only apply on night 
for dry skin you can apply on morning and night. 

A luscious lotion with a blend of emollients and other oils, it penetrates the skin to effectively seal in moisture. It intensively restores balance to dry skin for a refined, radiant and even-toned finish.

Rich and emollient, this milky lotion easily glides and blends into skin.

I've tried a lot lotion before, but most of them gives me a very oily feels, I don't really like it.
This one is still same, a bit oily, BUT better than the others brand. 
I also apply on night only. 

tried to all at once on day & night time, but i guess is a bit too heavy for my skin. 
so I just separate them to morning and night. 

The difference of Day 1 to Day 14. 
no more redness , no more skin tone uneven , Pimples much lesser .
skin texture improved a lot, radiant , not dull anymore .  

pores are slightly smaller too 

forehead still have a bit of pimples , but much much much better compared to previous 2 weeks.

DAY 7 

day 14 

day 14

Day 16 . Today. 


after apply Laneige BB cushion 
review here :

Empro in Brown colour 

 lip stick 
YSL lip Stain no 17 
review here:

Skin texture is totally different, my foundation can last longer, 
oil control is much better , now I can even no need apply any highlighter. 
my face already have natural radiant. 

yes, SKII is Very expensive, most of my friend told me, once you step into SKII ,
you'll be fall into this brand forever . haha
well, I guess yes? 
But there's a lot nice product out there too, I'll not only stick with SKII forever la. 
Hmm, so...yea. Why Not ? 

Expensive, but effective and fast .  Every women deserve it .
especially women over 25 years old, you better start to use anti ageing product already. 

Hope you like this review! 
Please share it to your friends ^_^ 
Thank you for reading <3 


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Friday, 22 August 2014

Glo&Ray Infinite Lash Definition Mascara REVIEW

Yosh!!!! today I'm gonna review this!!!

I've tried Lancome, Skinfood , Etude House , L'oreal , Bobbi Brown, Majorlica Majorca,kiss me & etc...
too many. lol  
BUT, none of them I really bother to buy second one from them. 

My previous top 3 list 
I used Lancome baby doll, which create your eyes like doll, big,long and waterproof. 
not much weakness, the only thing is if you apply few more times it'll became...hmm..
like this! 
ALOT mascara having this problem. 

and also...expensive .

2) Kiss Me 
Super duper smudge proof, I can say is almost, waterproof! 
can get from watsons easily , BUT TOO HARD TO REMOVE!!! 
even I use the oil remover especially for eyes also cannot remove omg. 
every time after shower my eyes are exactly like panda. Yes, sometimes they same with a remover too, use that is slightly easier to remove, but have to re apply a lot of times...

3) SkinFood
reasonable price, lots of fiber and very 'watery', very easy to apply. 
but very very easily smudge, go out few hours and bottom lashes smudge until like panda 

I came across while I'm reading review on some ang mo's blog, 
I heard they said this mascara not bad and price not expensive , 
so I just ordered from overseas and try it.

made its debut in September 2012 in London.

The brand name is derived from “Glo”, a gentle luminance; and “Ray”, vibrant beam of light. In a pitch-dark world, the two appear on the stage gracefully like two dancing girls. Different in characteristics, yet harmoniously integrated into an ideal picture of a perfect combination, sensual and graceful, complimenting feminine beauty.

This is Glo&Ray, elegant, glamorous, unique and professional.

''Detail is the key to eye makeup, and a stunning eye makeup cannot go without charming lashes. Every woman aspires for perfect natural lashes, which extensively amplify the eyes.
Length and volume alone does not guarantee the impression of perfect lashes. What’s more important is to create natural, curly and clean effect from the base of lashes. Therefore, Glo&Ray presents Infinite Lash Definition Mascara, making exquisite lashes an easy goal.
The ingeniously designed micro brush applies the mascara from the base of your lashes with attention to detail. Applicable to both top and bottom lashes, the brush magnifies and vitalizes eyes immediately, creating divinely natural lashes. The unique Multi Fiber Blending System makes our Infinite Lash Definition Mascara perfect with different particle sizes. Three different effects can be achieved with one micro brush—natural with one stroke, lengthened with two strokes, and divinely curled with three strokes. The lashes...''

The BEST of this mascara is ,
it look super dry and not as much as fiber like others brand, 
i tried to apply on my hand, is totally like 
''whuuuutttt?? you gave me a DRY mascara??''

but I tried on my eyelashes, O.M.G 
magic happens!!! 


讲多没有用, DEMO最实际~

normal packaging , with texture paper packaging outside. 

tada, INFINITE Lash Defination Mascara!!! 

very very thin & sleek, no fancy design 

the brush is incredibly SMALL . or I can say TINY !! 

see, not much fibers 

before apply. my eyelashes are kinda long already
 ( because I'm using talika eyelashes serum, super effective and gentle to eyes, highly recommended , review very soon, collecting all the daily pictures) 

the brush is small and it is very very easy to apply our bottom lashes <3 
normal mascara brush are too big to apply our bottom lashes, ended up all apply on our skin.
I feel you! 

just apply one layer 

after 3 or 4 layers,  sooooo nice =x 
根根分明 , 完全没有苍蝇腿,没有结块。 

after apply on both eyes. 
who needs fake eyelashes now?! 
not me XD 

照骗来了 来了

bonus point from me, 
super easy to remove, use warm water and it'll remove easily. 
but still better use make up remover wipe again la.

Malaysia is NOT selling this brand, if you really want I can help you get it from overseas,
price is RM60 + RM7 poslaju = RM67 

I'm going to order it on September. Please let me know ASAP if you want to order :) 


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Laneige BB cushion [pore control] No .21 Natural Beige REVIEW

hi girls!! 
how to get a skin like kpop celebrities ? 
they always having glowy, flawless skin,
matte and glowy skin , I'll prefer glowy skin no doubt .
yes today I'm gonna review Laneige pore control BB cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 

where can you get it? 
every Laneige counter in Malaysia 
I got mine from Sunway Pyramid Parkson
they're having promotions now, purchase over RM100 can get RM10 parson voucher
and purchase this one can get RM15 voucher , you can purchase any other thing by using this voucher.
but not on perfume / make up / make up T_T

price : RM150 
with 1 refill 
15g x2 

I wanna have a glowy flawless skin like korean actress!! 

 available in 2 types of BB cushion 
1 is normal BB cushion , another 1 is BB cushion Pore control. 
BB cushion is suitable for dry skin-normal skin girl, that can create more growly and watery look.
BB cushion pore control is suitable for oily / combination skin, 

display on sunway pyramid Laneige counter 

like a celebrity... =X

try on another half by my own 

the coverage is awesome

due to the lighting I don't think can see clearly.
don't worry, I'l demo again with natural light. 

so here is my loot from laneige counter,
any purchase you are free to join their member!
all you need to do is just fill up a form. 

jeng jeng...our main product. 

yea, big price tag, RM150.00..

with 1 sealed refill pack too. 

i always like to take product picture <3 

the casing is kinda heavy and very good quality, doesn't have those plastic feels at all. 

their puff is very different from the others! 
the material they used is different, air cell dual textured puff is processed with a special technology. It holds nine times more water than its weight , for supple and glossy skin. 
slightly hinder than the synthetic rubber puff, its soft centre effectively absorbs BB and spreads it evenly on the skin. as for the texture is firm, it conceals pores perfectly and gives the face a radiant and natural finish. 

it is a sponge with lots of small holes , and when you press the puff in ,
the bb cream will come out. 

here is my half face. heap, that's my reaction while i look at my mirror 

lemme put down a line for you to see more clearly.
my pores are covered,
skin tone are even
plus, with glowy effect too! 

after apply the whole face! without any blusher/highlighter/ loose powder.
this is how it looks like.

korea actress flawless glowy skin! 

member card , so pretty *.*

with lots of voucher and gift set inside
it's free! why not =) 

sorry girls, I've already tried my best to type as much as possible, but due to something happened to me, I doesn't have much mood to type or talk currently...I just feel sad, down and hopeless. 
I just wanna be alone...a small getaway perhaps? 
I guess this was my first time, type my own emotional thinggy here. 
the story is too long and I don't wish to share it out to public. 
just wanna hide inside my room and cry till morning. but I know I can't...
 I can't help it... 
I . Just. can't. 

I tried to hide all the feelings
due all these confusion 
i cry but nobody hears me. 
it's my only solution.
I don't know what I want, I am lost. 

Lost  in no where. 

what I did, is what I've did. 
there's no way to ' be the old me/previous me' 
please don't so childish -_- 

alright, thanks for listening my 'mumbles' 
it might probably took & wasted your few secs time. lol...

Hope every things gonna be fine...